Sound Research: How SONOS boosted its growth trajectory by leveraging advanced causal analytics

David Feick, Frank Buckler


Identifying key success drivers for brand consideration is a main playing field of customer insight research. Sonos was eager to sharpen its understanding of in the wireless speaker market in general and specifically towards the Sonos brand. This research was important for Sonos as it delivered key insights that drove further brand momentum. Sonos was able to gain knowledge in causal relationships that were previously hidden in survey data. Furthermore, it showcased the impact that explorative causal modeling can have. The findings resulted in further applications of this methodology in topics such as customer loyalty modeling, copy test driver modeling, sales performance modeling, and marketing mix modeling.


Sonos is a newer brand in the speaker market and created a new category of wireless multi-room audio systems. The company has been highly successful building the market and increasing its market share. In the past, the company focused primarily on raising awareness rather than focusing communications on improving associations with brand identity, knowledge, or consideration. As awareness and market share rose, there were multiple signals that suggested that Sonos needed to evolve its communications focus.