Save the Children – researching the role of education

Henrik Hall
JUV, Sweden

Marie Florence Madom
Cible, Cameroon

Luisa Mercedes Ravelo
Request Investigacion de Mercado, C.A., Venezuela


Could Market Research be Used to Improve the World?

Nurses, engineers, journalists, teachers, medical doctors... the list of professions who are able to contribute to a good cause just by doing what they do best, could be even longer, but what about market researchers? Could our skills be useful in reducing poverty and under-development? What could we do about malnutrition, health problems and ignorance? Is our industry only preoccupied with making money, or are we able to get past profit as a goal per se?

Save the Children mobilizes commitment to education and strengthens the capacities of children, parents, teachers, communities and governments to develop, own, and sustain their education programs.1 They believe that parents' attitudes to and values of education have a paramount role in the enrolment of their children in primary education. In patriarchal societies the role of fathers can decide whether children will get an education or not.2