Revealing favela and luxury: Paradoxes of how social extremes engage with digital and technology

Daniela Chammas Daud Malouf, Fabio Albiero Faria and Hilaine Yacooub
QualiBest, LG Electronics and Kula Content and Development

Introduction and objectives

Brazil is going through an important process of technological and digital inclusion and female empowerment related to women's social role in different groups.

In the last six years, there was a 109% growth in number of households with both “computer and internet access”. Also, women have achieved higher educational levels (7.8 years of study in 2011, + 2.6% compared to 2009)1) and access to better jobs. Therefore, they are no longer only making decisions about household products but also over durable goods such as TVs, cars, mobile phones.

However, enormous socioeconomic and cultural contrasts still exist, which lead us to believe that there is in the country two unconnected extremes that we prefer to qualify for better understanding as the Favela and Luxury segments. But, does this distance and detachment remain in all aspects of consumption and behavior?2)