Research 3.0: Neuroscience and Psychotherapy Effect on Shoppers

Corrine Sandler and Lana Novikova
Fresh Intelligence Research Corp, Canada


When Carl Jung, the great psychoanalyst, went to Taos Pueblo in New Mexico in 1925, he met the chief of the native people, Ochwiay Biano. Biano told Jung that according to his people, the Whites were “mad” - uneasy, restless, always wanting something.

Jung asked him why he thought they were mad, and the chief replied that it was because they thought with their heads, a sure sign of mental illness among his tribe. Jung asked him how he thought and he pointed to his heart. The response plunged Jung into a deep introspection.

Lana and Corrine have been pondering over the difference between “heart” and “head” thinking and its application in modern shopper understanding and behavior. Perhaps their background and cultural differences as children propelled them to search for answers and find new ways of tapping into the unconscious. Corrine, born and raised during the apartheid regime in South Africa, proudly watched apartheid torn down by the majority of the population and incredible heroes freed. Lana was born and raised behind the Iron Curtain in the 1970-80s, with memories of a Soviet childhood and the collapse of the system that would surface over and over. One is a marketer and a researcher, the other is a researcher and a psychotherapist - both radical thinkers and visionaries who will stop at nothing to mine deeply and find new ways to uncover unconscious thoughts, deep feelings and motivators that drive consumer and shopper behavior.