How taking a human centred, lean approach to research generated insight that made a real difference.

We're well aware of the challenges of converting insight to impact. The techniques adopted by LATAM Airlines & MESH enabled the unification of multiple trackers across LatAm into one consolidated vehicle, delivering game changing insight direct to the c-suit.

Introduction: Getting ready for take off

This is your captain speaking: Fasten your seatbelts, stow away your tray tables and pay attention to the safety instructions, as you join us on this thrilling journey showing how LATAM airlines translated insights into actions to soar higher than ever.

This paper will tell a story of how LATAM Airlines; a leading airline in Latin America, alongside MESH experience; a research consultancy focused on understanding experience with brands, joined forces to take a fresh approach to the way that market research is conducted in the airline industry. Now, insights are feeding directly into business strategy and making a difference to the direction of the company.