Today the world has become more and more uncertain, and the pace of change is getting faster. In times like these, naturally, a demand for knowing what will happen in the future grows stronger. It is the same in marketing. We often hear our clients say "we want to know what consumers want next", or "we want the data that enables us to see what comes next".

As a matter of fact, an appetite for envisioning the future itself is nothing new: since ancient times, humans have always sought ways to "foresee" the future. Fortune-telling, like reading tarot cards or tea leaves, is one such way. Today, the growing demand for predicting the future in the realm of business seems to stem from growing uncertainties of the environments we are in. Although the wider availability of data allows us to make more accurate predictions, uncertainties remain. Hence an alternative approach to respond to these uncertainties is required. In this paper, we would like to introduce our attempt to co-create a desirable future with consumers and brands through the power of research.

Approaches to explore the future