Pop art project: mobile phone design in Latin America

Andréa Lima and Paula Luz
2dp Inteligência de Consumidor, Brazil

Richardson Nelson
Motorola, Brazil


Currently, the qualitative techniques in market research tend to be very efficient in its answers to the majority of the concerns proposed by clients and companies, provided that the object of the study is the consumer and that the scope comprehension and interpretation of consumer behavior is in the sciences associated with marketing and to the market.

On the other hand, some techniques and knowledge developed in other areas of human sciences, such as anthropology, psychology and its lines of thought, sociology, history, mathematics and others, assist and contribute with market research by providing technical instruments and scope of comprehension and analysis which generates a more holistic picture of the consumer explaining such as a human being (social, psychic, cognitive, historic) in a consumption position. The intersection of these fields of knowledge helps us to design the “vital space”, a Lewin concept that means “the totality of events which determines the behavior of an individual in a given moment”.