How to effectively communicate a social media campaign that encourages reporting against child and adolescent abuse? In a pro-bono copy-testing study, we optimized the Liberta Institute's campaign, which contributed to an 10.3% increase of abuse reports in Brazil.

Project Background

Around 500,000 children and adolescents are sexually abused in Brazil, with most of them being between seven and 14 years old. Unfortunately, approximately a mere seven in 100 cases are reported. Topics such as child sexual abuse are important yet sensitive, and therefore the most difficult to publicize effectively. In 2017 Instituto Liberta (a new Brazilian non -profit organization founded to fight against the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents) was planning to launch its first TV campaign nationally. The campaign Numbers, included a 60-second ad narrated by well-known Brazilian celebrity, Xuxa Meneguel. The ad combined shocking scenes of sexual exploitation involving children, with alarming statistics embedded in the visual elements of the storyline.