Many in McDonald's Canada's and Dig Insights' leadership teams share an FMCG background. We used FMCG innovation screening methodologies as a starting point and reinvented them to reflect Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) realities, creating a fusion recipe for innovation testing.

  • Start with hundreds of ideas. Finish with a shortlist of optimized and validated products that are approved by marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, franchisees and customers
  • Using leading-edge best practices forged in the world of FMCG, Dig Insights partnered with McDonald's Canada to create an innovative multi-stage approach for testing menu innovations
    • Step 1: Upsiide, a Tinder-style mobile-first app is used to sort through dozens and dozens of innovations
    • Step 2: ART, Advanced Recipe Test provides validation and optimization of the most promising ideas from Upsiide
    • Step 3: Online discrete choice menu simulation to see how the top optimized innovations would perform in a world of trade-offs
  • The design lets McDonald's experiment with naming, recipe, positioning and pricing
  • Powerful analytics enable McDonald's to project the volumetric impact of launching new menu items, including estimated cannibalization and incrementality.