Let's begin with two challenges for the future of research: Return on Insight investment? Is it really possible? With a segmentation? And, can you use a segmentation to engage people right across your organisation, from the global board to the front line customer facing teams in different markets?

So the first challenge, there's a rumour in the research world that wonders how you show directly what impact an insight project has delivered when there are so many other 'noises' happening in an organisation? This often means a requirement to truly demonstrate ROI is slowly side tracked and kicked into the long grass. Through this paper we want to counter that and tell a story about a project whose outputs can show clear ROI, including from a marketing viewpoint:

Significant increases in:

  • Conversion rate
  • Digital leads
  • Digital joiners
  • Open rate for email (double the UK average)

And a decrease in cost per acquisition.