110th out of 149 countries. With overall gender disparity of 33.8%, 110th is where Japan ranks in the 2018 World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report on gender equality, nestled snugly between Mauritius and Belize. While gender disparity in Health and Survival is a mere 2.1% and Educational Attainment is 6.0%, a high level of gender inequality exists in Economic Participation and Opportunity (40.5% gap) and Political Empowerment (91.9%).

Gender inequality index by Country (2018)

Source: "The Global Gender Gap Report 2018", World Economic Forum

Score at a glance

Japan's poor ranking in terms of gender equality (110tn out of 149 countries) is driven almost entirely by the lack of Political Empowerment (91.9% gap) and Economic Participation (40.5%). In terms of Educational Attainment (6.0% gap) and Health & Survival (2.1% gap), Japan is relatively gender equal.