Why do men care about balding? It is just hair after all, and such a vain thing to worry about! And why do men not care about balding, given that it significantly alters their look, and strongly symbolizes masculinity, virility and youthfulness? How does it not bother them! Seems like men are doomed if they care, and doomed if they don't. So… do they care about balding? If we just asked them, would they be able to tell us? Would they acknowledge that it bothered them? Would they be able to tell us why it bothered them?

A psychological context

Implicit vs. explicit memories and attitudes

Take a deep breath. Now, don't think of a red cupcake. Don't….Think...About….Red….Cupcakes. No cupcakes. Not red ones. What are you thinking about? Cupcakes? Red ones?

This is what a social psychologist Daniel Wegner called the white bear problem or an ironic thought process1], where the brain focusses on the exact thing that you don't want it to focus on.