Like, Share and Retweet: How to make your insight go viral

Ed Garey and James Johnstone
BAMM and Shell International Petroleum Company

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Context for the paper

With advances in technology, connectivity, and the proliferation of social media channels available today, the average consumer is exposed to an ever-increasing amount of data and visual content. Estimates suggest that we consume, in one form or another, equivalent to 34GB of data each day.1) Even conservative estimates indicate that this figure has increased by more than four times since the late eighties.2) 11)The vast majority of this is through social media itself, where visual formats are fast becoming the dominant medium. Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, all highly visual platforms, are the fastest growing social media channels, respectively clocking 120%, 111% and 64% growth in active users during the last six months of 2014.3)