At the 2018 Australian Market and Social Research Society Conference we presented a paper which tested the suitability of a range of Al tools including Image, Video and Voice-to-Text technologies to aid qualitative researchers in the important but tedious task of analysing qualitative research.

Now, we went to test the capabilities of Al even further by considering the potential for an Al powered voice tool to conduct a qualitative style interview.

Face to face qualitative research often begins with open ended questions which are designed to generate input from respondents without directing or influencing. The moderator then listens and responds accordingly. It is an effective methodology but it is limited in scale because it requires time from both the researcher and the respondent. What if there was a way to utilise these qualitative principles via Al powered voice technology to 'interview' people at scale using artificial intelligence to allow respondents to simply speak freely, 'understand' the person's response and then follow up accordingly?