Building on the Insights Maturity Model introduced in the 2009 Boston Consulting Group study "The Consumer's Voice - Can Your Company Hear it?" and elaborated in the 2016 ESOMAR paper "Hurry Up! And Wait -The Road to Research Impact", this Imperial Brands case study outlines the way insights automation has paved the way for the efficient democratization of insights, to create a strategic role for market research within the corporation.

Using Knowledge Connect, an insights platform powered by Market Logic Software, to leverage research and other data, Imperial Brands is in the process of creating a "self-learning organization" that generates optimal value from the company's information by making it available to those who need it. This democratized approach to knowledge management generates time efficiencies and savings, while also simplifying regulatory and ethical compliance, to help secure the organization against growing threats.

In this paper, the journey from fragmented insight to insight automation - and the meaning of the term "insight automation" itself- will be explained, as will the benefits of having a strong platform and process in place to manage insights.

The need for insights automation