Fabindia was founded in 1960 by John Bissell to realise his dream of working with Indian artisans and their craft, helping them to produce and market high quality, contemporary products borne out of their skill and craftsmanship. Over the last six decades, our mission continues to be to drive the entrepreneurial energy amongst the rural, often deprived craftspeople, who sustain their families on the basis of their artisanal capabilities. Fabindia continues to perform the role of a critical "bridge" – one that connects rural craft-based artisanal output with urban consumer markets of India and beyond, and in that process helps artisans and their craftsmanship thrive, in turn preserving and furthering India's glorious and rich cultural heritage.

John Bissell found that often whole villages were dependent on one craft for their sustenance. It was also extremely important to entire families, as this skill was often passed on from one generation to the next. Fabindia adopted entire clusters of these villages, often financing them so that they could invest in better equipment to scale themselves. Thanks to the role the brand has played at the grassroots, many of these suppliers have grown hundreds of times their original size, supplying to some of the largest Indian brands and fulfilling export orders directly. Through John Bissell's selfless enthusiasm for India's cultural traditions and heritage, the craft sector in the country has flourished with Fabindia leading the way from the front.