We all dream of a Utopian 'tomorrow'. A 'tomorrow' when Til wake up early and go for a run'. A 'tomorrow' when Til get onto that diet'. A 'tomorrow' when Til stop eating junk'. You get the drift.

But however solid our intent, orchestrating a habit is not easy. Existing behaviour is so deeply entrenched that we often don't know why we do or don't do something. It's no different with consumers. Habitual behaviours are guided by silent and subconscious motivations that are often hard for consumers to put a finger on and actively articulate to us researchers.

So how do we as researchers understand existing habits? How do we as brands create a desirable habit? How do we collectively identify what could drive this behaviour change?

We fused a unique methodology that incorporated principles of ethnography, the power of evolving camera technology and the Habit Loop framework developed by Charles Duhigg, and ran a pilot study with consumers who intended to have 'healthier mornings' to test it out.