From perception to experience – a new approach to understand purchase experiences

Esteban Socorro
Coca-Cola, South Latin Division, United States

Fernando Moiguer
Moiguer & Asociados, Argentina


This paper sets out to describe a developed methodology to understand and measure the drink purchase experience in three countries in the region: Peru, Chile and Argentina. This question arises at Coca-Cola from the deeper study of the drink category, its evaluation state, the brand and the cultural context in which the consumption at the present time is developed.

Coca-Cola has generated and built communication and marketing focused on the characteristics, values and benefits – functional as much in the emotional traits – of its consumption products. That is to say, it has taken the consumption experience to the highest state of development. It is enough to remember Coca-Cola as “the refreshing bubble drink” to propose a sensation “to size”, even a life philosophy: “Life is as you take it” (Coca-Cola Light). The brand has been able to interpret and translate in its communication speeches and values of time. It is in this sense that Pico Underhill raises that “the battle of Brand Awareness has been won, everybody knows Coca Cola”.