Extracting consumer insights from search engine queries: Predictive and non-verbal consumer insights

Nicolas Chollet, Walther Oettgen and Benjamin Saulnier
CLUSTAAR and KOS Research

Introduction: Search engines, a daily use for millions of people

150 billion searches are conducted in Google each month

The terms people search for in Google is an under-leveraged raw material and a vast source of information for the Market Research sector. Search Query material is accessible in real-time, on an international, multi-language basis, and offers quantifiable results.

Previous research has shown that, to a certain extent, search queries can predict stock market volumes. Today, we think that it is possible to identify and extract relevant market research information from search data.

People use search for all kind of reasons; from answering the practical ("Where can I buy these shoes?") to pondering the poignant ("Who do I want to be?"). As an example, let's have a quick look to what Google suggests: