Enlightened gardens - Innovation beyond the obvious

Ank van Ophoven, Pamela Pauwels and JochumStienstra


Logic will bring you from A to B. Imagination brings you everywhere. (Albert Einstein, 1879-1955)

A mind, once stretched by a new idea, will never return to its original dimensions. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1809-1894)

And the times, they are a changing. (Robert Allen Zimmerman, better known as Bob Dylan, 1941)

New times require new approaches. In our paper, we will describe a fundamental societal change that can have a significant impact on the way we view and work with research. Having sketched this societal frame, we would like to demonstrate a method we used, which was designed to address the changing needs of new times: facilitating a process of gaining insights into consumer motives, harnessing intuition and imagination - together with the consumer - in a systematic manner without defying reason. The method we used was based on narrative: the story is the natural way human beings share knowledge; it is intuitive, holistic and imaginative. It goes beyond reason but definitively does not defy it.