eCommerce: A Necessity Without A Market?

Mistakes of New Economy players create opportunities for market research

Alain Mizrahi
President, Grupo RADAR, and Marketing Professor, ORT Uruguay University, Uruguay.


One of the topics proposed for discussion at the ESOMAR Latin American Conference was formulated in terms of a question: Is the development of eCommerce in Latin America limited by the issue of Internet penetration?

When reading this question a spontaneous 'no' answered it, at least as far as Uruguay is concerned, though it was not that easy to set out the reasons for such an evident but rapid answer. Following our intuition, we decided to carry out this research which deals with a complex issue involving many people and with many aspects to be taken into account.

The first phase of this investigation consisted of an informal set of interviews to qualified informants linked to companies in different areas of activity but who had in common the fact that they were immersed in this 'New Economy'. By doing this, we perceived that the factors which inhibit eCommerce development in Uruguay were varied and multiple, with Internet penetration a minor one among them.