The LifeLab is a collaborative research programme that explores multiple agencies' thinking using a multi-disciplinary approach in order to develop research that forms the backbone of Duiux's marketing communications.

In this case study we explore how a new research methodology that harnesses the power of social data enabled Dulux to understand painting and decorating in the wider context of consumers' lives, enabling the brand to develop a truly resonant communication strategy to drive growth.

Introduction: Why Dulux developed the LifeLab

Dulux is the largest and most trusted paint brand in the UK, and has been transforming people's homes since 1931 when we launched the first alkyd-based synthetic paint, revolutionising the paint industry. Dulux is a UK Superbrand and is now owned by AkzoNobel and present in 26 countries across four continents.

Figure 1. Dulux: The largest and most trusted paint brand in the UK ...