In the world there are 640 million people who suffer from a hearing impairment (WHO). However, only 1 in every 40 has access to a hearing aid. In Argentina, according to the last census of the INDEC (2010) there are 1,500,000 people diagnosed with hearing loss, and it is estimated that there is an equal number of people who are not diagnosed.

Just by reading this data, in a world where technology sets the course, it would be great to be able to press a button and enable hearing impaired people to reach a normal hearing level. A group of engineering students from the University of Jujuy set out the course to achieve it, and created uSound.

The history of uSound begins in 2013 when, through a school assignment, this group, then students, intended to respond with a technological solution to a social problem. For this, they took the case of a classmate with hearing problems who did not have the resources to acquire a solution such as a hearing aid.