Creating an inspirational environment in B2B: How dentists get inspired from hairdressers and clams

Tanja Woppman, Kathrin Wahl, Sylvia Casagranda and Andreas Woppmann
ADVISE and Ivoclar Vivadent


Do you remember your last visit at your dentist? If so, what spontaneously comes to your mind? Maybe toothache, pain, drilling and other unpleasant treatments? There is probably nobody who really loves to visit a dentist. And dentists? Most of them try to do everything to reduce the inconvenience of their patients. And dental companies? They work hard to fulfill patients' and dentists' needs in order to make dental health somewhat better and – more pain free.

But how can treatments for dental health be revolutionized? And how can market research help to generate disruptive innovations within this field?

Creating value through innovation