It is easy to focus on the fact that the United States has re-started its commercial relations with Cuba, but the country maintains commercial relationships with over a hundred different nations. Cuba's more open attitude towards business with international firms represents an opportunity for many firms to address a potential market of 11.4 million people, 20% of which live in the capital city of La Havana. Admittedly, an adventurous spirit is required to participate in a market that has just started to open. After all, Cuba remains a dictatorship, and the government still plays an important role in controlling the market. Yet, international brands have started to grow their presence in Cuba. For instance, during 2016, Unilever set the first stone of its first-ever plant in the country. Also, brands such as British American Tobacco and Nestlé already operate in the market. In this scenario of transformation, a question arises: What needs to be the role of the market research industry in Cuba?