If you are a marketing director an iconic brand and you believe that you are in charge, you are wrong!

Iconic brands are those that are part of the country's cultural landscape, which are instantly recognizable and meaningful.

How to manage an iconic brand? Who are the owners of the brand, the company or the consumers? How to change the direction of the Titanic?

Two clear examples show how consumers are in charge: The New Coke in US and recent Quilmes relaunch in Argentina.


There are brands that stand out from the crowd, because they an icon, a representative symbol. Iconic brands are instantly recognizable and meaningful, and they are part of the cultural landscape.

How to manage an iconic brand? How to change the direction of the Titanic? When brands are part of our culture and heritage, great effort is required in order to change their positioning and gain market share.

There are a lot of explanations: internal resistance, urgency for short-term financial results, lack of consumer understanding, underestimation of the bond between brands and consumers.