Box Clever: Powerful insight is experienced, not just heard

Maria Domoslawska, Alistair Goodman


Insight should be able to change what people think and do. If it doesn't, it has no business value. This story details how Orange and C Space created a "Segment Toolkit": a pick-up-and-play, interactive workshop tool that humanises customer segmentation insights so that they are felt, internalised, and acted upon by employees. The Toolkit is changing the perception of insights at Orange. It's inspiring customer-centric thinking. And, it's inspiring more relevant products, messages, and services.

The challenge: Getting employees to pay attention to the varying needs and values of specific customer groups

We live in an era of new consumerism. Hyper-convenience and instant connectivity has, in a variety of ways, pervaded the human condition. Consider for a moment the digital rhythms of your daily life. When you wake up in the morning, you read the news on your mobile phone. You book holiday accommodations with Airbnb. And you Uber effortlessly across town to a French bistro where, to impress the waitress, you attempt to communicate with her en frangais with help from Google Translate.