1. Introduction

1.1 Measuring engagement in sports fans

The multi-billion-dollar Sports Media industry holds, as a central premise, that the key driver to broadcasting success is to create engaging fan experiences. However, it is not clear which is the best approach to measure engagement to live broadcasts, or how to use this data in an actionable way. Attempts to measure engagement with sports events include the analysis and comparison of audience ratings; the use of traditional surveys to sports fans, inquiring about their level of enjoyment for different sports, leagues and players; or the analysis of social media activity before, during and after the broadcast. As valuable as these tools are, they are blind to the implicit emotional connection between the match and the fans. In fact, the emotion of football fans is a new currency that should be treasured by leagues, sponsors, advertisers and broadcasters. A deeper understanding of the periods in which fans are truly engaged and the drivers of their emotional responses during the game, enables a new potential source of market value. By betting on key moments, the right editing choices and the most engaging players and sports leagues, companies will have the ingredients to convert emotion into revenue.