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One of the main challenges in the liquor industry is to achieve a real understanding of the consumers' needs. The consumption occasions take place a in private context where traditional techniques of research do not achieve to be suitable to deep understand needs, barriers and drivers of consumption towards the liquor category.

So, in consideration of how to enter our consumers lives, without being intrusive, we created an online community (OC) where consumers came to us. This OC generated useful information not only through set activities but also through experiences. Panelists had the opportunity to share and recommend places, drinks, tastes and more.

With our project, we are certain a significant amount of genuine and high-quality information was obtained. For Pernod Ricard, having an active and living OC gave us the means to validate business questions more efficiently, to understand life styles, opinions, tastes and even growing trends. For listeners, this idea not only reveals the validity of today's tools but also invites them to use new ways of approaching consumers acting outside traditional settings.

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