The paper describes a successful experience regarding the use of a traditional research method – pure and simple desk research – to gather relevant insights to the business. The goal was to raise as much information as possible about Avon's representatives, in a friendly, actionable and attractive format, without making large investments in the hiring of a new and complex study. But we have actually discovered a theme through various studies and were able to raise valuable insight from the work.


Market research culture is not always developed in companies. When it is, occasionally the team finds it difficult to incorporate the findings from one project into the other. Other times, they are so eager to use an innovative method that they forget that existing information could also bring valuable results. With that in mind, Avon has hired IBOPE Inteligência to immerse into information gathered about their sales representatives in the past three years, to look for new insights. Results show that resignification the role of traditional research methods in the internal knowledge management is essential, as they can bring powerful insights to the business.

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