Adapting to the Changing Environment – A Case Study in Slovenia

Carla Millar
City University Business School London, United Kingdom
Stan Saksida
University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Tit Turnsek
EPOCH, Slovenia


This paper reports some early results in the EPOCH (East European Processes of Change) project. The project was conceived as a response to the observed diversity of 'solutions' being proposed by economists, politicians, business experts and others as means of helping transform enterprises in Central and East Europe, ridding them of the inheritance of socialism and fitting them to operate in a market economy.

EPOCH recognises the diversity of approaches which will be tried and seeks to provide a framework within which their methods and outcomes can be described and evaluated in consistent terms – even though they may be based on conflicting insights as to how transformation of the economies is best achieved. Thus EPOCH itself does not take it as axiomatic that a change management approach which has been successful in the West must have a valuable role to play in the transition to post-socialism.