The Marketing Objective

Post Jio launch, Vodafone witnessed a continuous decline in market share as well as mind share, with steep drop in brand scores on network (brand-with-superior-network) & likeability (Brand-l-like) over 2 quarters. This is despite the fact that Vodafone was literally adding a tower every hour to strengthen its network.

Objective was to get the mind-share back on track & increase consideration & network scores by at least 150 basis points in the next quarter.

Situation Analysis

To tackle this issue, Vodafone planned for an advertising campaign around its network & brought back the pug, its iconic mascot for network related communication. The pug is one of the most recognized & loved characters in Indian advertising & has a very strong association with Vodafone (57% of users associate it with Vodafone).

However, the advent of 4G led to a new level of clutter in the category, with existing operators jostling to claim superiority of their 4G network, especially after the Jio launch.