Communication Task

The Indian telecom market is highly saturated with 91% penetration. Thus, the primary way for any telecom player to grow is by tapping into its competition's subscribers. So, now one of the top priorities for each of the telecom player is also to protect its strong hold markets. Maharashtra and Kerala are two such markets for Vodafone where it has dominated over the years, but lately it was facing some challenge from Jio and Airtel. Matching JIO and Airtel in terms of offers was a futile battle and thus Vodafone had to create difference in perception.

To create a difference in perception Vodafone wanted move beyond its image of just being a communication company to a highly advanced tech company. To bring about this change Vodafone repositioned itself with the tag line - Future is exciting. Read? The positioning implied use of tech and futuristic solutions to solve real life problems to create world a better place. Thus, the task assigned to us was to help Vodafone reinforce its new positioning by bringing it to life in the markets of Maharashtra and Kerala.

Situational Analysis