The Marketing Objective

ISL launched as the biggest footballing event of the nation but the following for the league has been growing at a slow rate since the launch year.

Hence, the task at hand for us was to deliver a strong opening for ISL season 4 & deliver 50 % higher viewership.

Target Audience

While the demographic T.G for ISL was males 15+ AB.

The key markets for ISL season 4 were:

Primary markets: West Bengal, Kerala, A&NE, Tamil Nadu Secondary markets: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune.

Situation Analysis

Ardent football lovers in India are a growing tribe. They are passionate about the sport & follow international football leagues very closely. Due to lack of Indian footballing glory there has been a lack of connect with the game in India. We needed to excite these fans to get involved with the league and give them a reason to support the teams.