Marketing Objective

Star Plus was launching a new political satire - Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai" (HSPUBH). Our objective was to dial up interest and build excitement around this new political satire on Star Plus.

Situation Analysis

Viewership challenge: The show was being launched to drive male viewers on the channel which had seen predominantly female viewership without any traction for male audience.

Show proposition: India is a politically passionate nation. Politics attracts a lot of interest, arguments, discussions and debates. People are divided on different sides of the political spectrum but one thing they all unanimously agree upon is that the politicians are just not doing their job.

News lent itself as a natural medium as it is a high affinity genre with the male viewers.

The Media Solution

The Real "Fake News": Off late the constant topic of debate in the world has been 'fake news'. We created news content where we planted a fake leader who became one amongst the real leaders & used satire to raise real issues. We made our protagonist of the show Chaitulal (who is a CM on the show) more popular in the contextually relevant cultural environment of news & he became the device for all our integrations across TV. The thought at the heart of it was whether the candidate is real or fake what matters is if he is asking the right questions and raising the real points.

Scale of Execution