The Marketing Objective

  • In India, Germ Protection category over the two decades was built on the back of scaring the hell out of people, all the more for mothers/parents.
  • Your child might not reach the age of 5! Is this the only way to make people think of Germ Protection?
  • ITC decided to change the way people think of Germ Protection category by acquiring the brand Savlon.
  • Germ protection can broadly be classified under- Handwash, Antiseptic Liquid and Soaps promising germ protection.
  • There was a need to move away from fear to empowerment, while creating preference for the brand Savlon.

The Target Audience

Define a Target Audience, split the annual budgets into the monthly budgets, define the target markets and Yeah, you are ready to sell your products and services.

In the age of SOVs and SOEs, market shares and Volumes, marketing benchmarks, sales bench marks, media benchmarks, somewhere we have truly forgotten that our consumers are not merely Numbers and their lives don't revolve around our offerings.