The Marketing Objective

Pepsi has always been a trend setting brand challenging the norms & pushing the edge of culture. It's been a brand that encouraged the youth to have fun & express themselves. Apart from being the flag-bearer for the youth in the pop culture, Pepsi has been trying to dial up consumption driving elements into its communications to counter the sagging market share and shore up the overall business.

In order to foster consumption we believed that it was imperative to drive the irresistibility of the product before the consumer cohort. Irresistibility for the brand is always spontaneous, more so for product categories which operate in the impulse category. So to augment the irresistibility quotient we had to dial up the spontaneity by picking the right triggers which appear in the moments. It was important to map the moments pertaining to triggers of spontaneity to drive the irresistibility which in turn would be the triggers for driving consumption of the brand.