The Marketing Objective

Paytm, the leading e-wallet brand, introduced SCAN & PAY feature on its platform, i.e. Scan the QR-code via Paytm app and make payments instantly

Paytm wanted people to get into the habit of scanning QR-Codes via its app. Paytm wanted QR-code to become the dominant force of Digital payments system.

The Target Audience

Any urban consumer in the age-group of 15-45 years being able to pay through mobile, who is making a financial transaction either online or offline qualifies for Paytm's target audience. Hence, the only precondition is of ownership of a smartphone, i.e. existing Paytm users, and inclusion of non-Paytm, but Smartphone owners.

The Situation Analysis

Paytm, an established e-wallet player with 230 million users by 2016. Till now digital payments process was a 6-step process: