Communication Goal

The phone of the millennium was making a comeback for the millennials!

Nokia being an iconic phone brand was always remembered for its two legendary features - the ringtone & the much-loved snake game. Therefore, Nokia wanted to make the relaunch of 3310 by riding on nostalgia associated with brand that was sure to reignite the conversations amongst youth.

Situation Analaysis

In the era of smartphones, Nokia was relaunching it's iconic 3310 - a feature phone with its two iconic feature, the Nokia tune and the snake game.

Using the observation that 8 out of every 10 people associated the Nokia phone with the snake game, Nokia evoked the feeling of nostalgia to hit the sweet spot and tugged hearts at the right strings to make a comeback in the minds of the audience and gave fans a chance to re-live the Nokia days in an immersive and fun way.

Media Solution