The media buying objective

As part of the discipline for running the country's largest media investment, HUL has rigorous media evaluation and deployment process with strict CPRP/CPT/CPM line drawn from sampling outside the operating norms.

The objective of the media buying teams was to expand these strict operating norms and punch above leveraging the partner relationships on the back of HUL investments.

There were 3 key pillars that were identified; whereby we needed to push ourselves:

  1. Cricket: Nothing less than a religion in India.
  2. Bollywood: The Kingdom with demi god status which rules the heartsof Indians.
  3. Purpose: With social media and other sharables, consciousness for purpose-led initiatives which is the order of the day.

The situation analysis

1. Cricket

India - Pakistan cricket match was the most awaited match in Asia Cup 2019. Due to strained political relations, the countries were playing matches only at ICC tournaments. Tensions peak between the countries as it is considered as the pinnacle of competitive cricket

2. Bollywood