The communication goal

Hamam has been the soap of choice in 8 out of 10 homes in Tamil Nadu for over 80 years. Its #1 position has been a result of its long-standing promise of 'protection' from skin ailments through the goodness of 'Neem' its main ingredient.

New entrants in the category have deployed a celebrity based 'Beauty' angle to their communication. With beauty brands making 60% of the category, Hamam was fast losing relevance and market share with the younger generation.

Conviction Scores on 'Protection' were dropping along with overall Top of Mind Recall.

To stay relevant, Hamam wanted to add a contemporary dimension to its promise of protection at a time when consumers were focusing on beauty.

The situation analysis

Tamil Nadu was witnessing a dramatic rise in crimes against women, incidents of eve teasing & harassment were being reported with alarming frequency. Mothers were increasingly insecure about the safety of their young daughters outside home.