The Marketing Objective

Consumers turn to Google Maps in their moments of need - whether they're planning a big trip or just commuting to work. They even use it to explore far away places from the palms of their hands via Google Street View but lacked awareness about the range of everyday situations Maps could be used in. So how do you get those who only intermittently use Google Maps, or don't use it at all to become frequent users?

Research showed that many users weren't aware of the 'real time traffic' feature which was one of the known drivers for daily usage of the app. Also some of the other key features leading to increased usage including color coded traffic density markers and suggestions around alternate routes, had limited awareness and understanding.

And this exactly was our challenge; to convert intermittent users of Google Maps to frequent users, by creating awareness of the real time traffic (Live traffic updates) feature & growing our daily active user (DAU) base.

The Target Audience