Marketing Objective

For the homeless, winters often spell certain death. With the temperatures dropping below 2°C, the homeless street-dweller often lacks a blanket or a place to take refuge on a cold winter's night. Every year the cold wave sweeps northern India, killing thousands of underprivileged, including children.

Godrej Ezee, a brand positioned on providing care, wanted to extend its proposition beyond just its consumers, but also the society at large. We wanted to do our bit for the society by helping the underprivileged with right clothing for winter. With the campaign theme 'Ezee Hugs', the brand urged Indians in North India to share some warm Ezee Hugs by donating their old woollens to the needy.

Our objective was to encourage people to share and donate as many woollens as they could and help the needy, thereby making a significant difference.

Target Audience