The Objective

Flipkart leads the e-commerce space in India, but Amazon with its significantly larger media spends was fast closing the gap. High visibility on mass media is a critical success factor. So Flipkart needed a smarter way to effectively reach its core target audience while eliminating the typical spillovers of mass media and maximize ROI.

Flipkart has different campaign objectives, targeting different segments of e-commerce users. From e-commerce savvy shoppers, to the infrequent e-commerce users, to non-e-commerce users who need to be brought into the category.

The conventional demographic & geographic filters available for TV planning cannot be used to isolate e-commerce category related behavior. This makes it increasingly difficult to isolate a sharp, behaviorally homogeneous TG to be used for TV planning leading to a broad-based, spray-and-pray approach and hence wastage.

Thus the need of the hour was a new way of looking at TV plans, a fresh planning method which ensures maximum bang for the buck for the desired target audience and at the same time eliminate the high spillovers associated with only demography based planning.

The Methodology