The communication goal

67% of the rural Indian households do not have toilets. Open defecation affects children the most and we lose over 1.2 million children to diarrhea every year. Numerous government programs have fetched mixed success rates.

No program has addressed the biggest victims of poor hygiene, the children themselves, strove to make them responsible for the hygiene conversations and the mortality rates.

Dettol embarked on a mission to reduce the child mortality rates in rural India.

The situation analysis

Programs directed at kids have not been successful because they tend to talk down and instruct rather than engage young minds. Currently the responsibility of educating the children on hygiene habits has been relegated to adults who are supposed to know better. What they see around them is adults with poor hygiene standards and hence their motivation to follow instructions from adults who themselves don't practice what they preach has made it difficult for children to inculcate hygiene practices. In addition, while adults with stronger immunity survive illness due to poor hygiene, children are not as lucky.