The Marketing Objective

The power brands of RB - Dettol and Harpic have been the flag bearers of health and hygiene conversations in the country. But both the brands have been facing stiff competition from me too brands all talking the same language. To accelerate the pace of growth & penetration there was need to establish differentiation in categories where perceived product benefits are very low.

Dettol for years is seen as gold standard in 'germ protection', but was losing its competitive advantage with many brands straddling in the germ kill space. In order to grow Dettol needed to drive conversations that establish its supremacy in the hygiene and sanitation space.

For Harpic - the market leader in toilet space growing penetration was the key to growth. Source of growth at two levels

  • Conversions from other methods of cleaning toilets
  • Educate people to build toilets in their homes.

The Target Audience