Communication Goal

Dettol for years is seen as gold standard in 'germ protection'. However in recent times there has been an influx of me too brands all talking the germ kill language.

Hence it became imperative for Dettol to drive conversations that establish its supremacy in the germ kill space, whilst beating the flurry of competitive brand conversations in a manner that is disruptive yet strikes a chord with the target group.

Situation Analysis

WB, is a critical market for Dettol hand wash, as it constitutes 12% of hand wash category business and 10% of Dettol business. It is also in this state that Dettol faces stiff competition from Lifebuoy which is the close number two and also Savlon which has shown increased activity post coming under the ITC Banner. The market share trend from November 2016 onwards suggested that Dettol was losing share steadily to Lifebuoy and Savlon; to safeguard share Dettol needed to act fast.