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In December 2016, USPS became internet famous for being a heartless government machine. A single tweet reposted across America dragged our net sentiment down to -44. We tried to change how they felt by touting facts, but facts are futile when fighting emotion. So, we showed them our heart instead. We plucked Operation Santa - a nearly forgotten, century-old program, languishing in the Post Office – and put it onto every American's phone. By showing how every delivery is precious to USPS, we warmed America's hearts and flipped their perceptions positive.

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Government blues…

USPS gets the "government stigma" despite the fact that it's actually a business, only partially government-funded. People assume all government services are inefficient, and worse - apathetic. When private delivery companies have a bad day, America forgives them. When USPS fails them even once, Americans never forget.