Toyota: Swagger Wagon viral video

Category: Single Impact Engagement
Brand/Client: Toyota Motor Sales, Inc
Primary Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA


The vehicle no one wants

Poor minivans. They are the most maligned and under-appreciated vehicles in the industry. Most people see them as a sign that the driver behind the wheel has given up on having a life of their own -instead, they've become enslaved to their children. Minivans emasculate dads and frumps-up moms. No one really wants one but they succumb to the ease and efficiency minivans provide for family transportation. That was the challenge facing Toyota's redesigned Sienna – to make their unloved minivan desirable.

Opportunity lends a hand

The advertising launched in February 2010 and was starting to make inroads with a humorous campaign called "Mommy Like/Daddy Like". While the campaign was introduced on TV, a call-to-action drove viewers to YouTube to watch product demos cleverly disguised as funny day-in-the-life vignettes of our Sienna spokes-mommy and daddy. But an opportunity presented itself two months later that would allow Toyota to really dial up the fun, the engagement and the impact.