Toyota: Mommy Like/Daddy Like

Category: Automotive, Vehicles
Brand/Client: Toyota Motor Sales, INC.
Primary Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA


Poor minivans – the vehicle no one really wants

Minivans are the most maligned and under-appreciated vehicles in the industry. The stuff of jokes, and a sure sign that the adult behind the wheel has given up on having a personal life in order to become a slave to their children. They emasculate dads and frump-up moms. They're the vehicle no one really wants but they are the smart, practical solution for transporting a young family.

Minivan pride and appreciation usually comes after the fact. The dirty little secret surrounding minivans is that no one goes into them willingly but they soon learn to love them for their functionality. When it comes to making a choice, minivans are pretty much all alike – built from the inside out to accommodate the little ones.